Keep It Simple With Gem Therapy

It’s hard to be focused, clear, and specific about the future of your life, let alone keeping track of where it is at this moment. You have very little time to breathe and keep your eyes open, How to spot fake Moldavite.

I felt that my life became much simpler after living three years in Italy. It was all I had ever hoped for since moving to Florence over 13 years before and now it was time to achieve my goal. My life changed in ways that I had hoped. It didn’t take me as long to get my car fixed up, which was great. The best way to get my daily groceries was by riding my pink pink bicycle. I rode to most of the local grocery stores to buy my groceries. On occasion, I would also walk to other nearby markets and then take the train or bus to Florence to visit my friends and get to where I want to go.

Additionally, I had my own veggie garden where I grew delicious seasonal vegetables like zucchini and tomatoes. Picking figs from trees allowed us to pick pomegranates (figs), persimmons (pomegranates), and walnuts. In fact, last spring, it was so hot that it rained for 3 weeks. Basil, Sage Rosemary, Oregano,and Oregano all filled our pots and gardens with their appealing aromas. These luscious flavors then enriched my chickens, tomatoes sauces, pasta dishes and other recipes. My surroundings were so beautiful and the weather was better than what I could see on TV, it was easy to notice that I was spending more time outside.

I noticed a difference in how my everyday life changed. I felt more relaxed. I was in the midst of Nature’s amazing beauty. This was exactly how I wanted it to be.

It was also more difficult to get a job while I was in Italy. After all my best efforts and connections failed to secure work, I finally gave in and went back to designing jewelry. It was then that my life truly began to simplify. If you find something you love doing, your work becomes fun and you can live an abundant life. Once you do that, the Universe will be there for you. The Abundance will begin to flow.

There are many things that can make your life easy, but we have to choose them. I am a person who gets up each morning to try not to become distracted by the noise around the globe. By turning the TV off, and keeping my passions lit, this helps me stay focused on what is important. In order to shift the chaos from outer chaos into inner calm, I must first start with myself. The truth is, even though I’m no longer in Italy I still keep things simple.

Rose Quartz and green gems are my go-to ways of supporting my inner peace. Gem Therapy can be used to enhance your life. This is something I have discussed in my new book: Follow Your Heart.

A big advocate of meditation and creative hobbies as well as spending quality time in Nature, are some other things that I hold dear. You only have to slow down, notice and appreciate the beauty of our natural world.

My morning meditations were one of the most surprising discoveries I’ve made. One day, I started to feel something like a bloom opening in my chest. Clear vision came to me. I was able to see the energy flowing through my head, then wrapping around and finally entering between my shoulder pads. I was soon able to find out about the torus-shaped, energy field that each heart emits. My research was so overwhelming that I eventually wrote ‘Follow Your Heart.

Everything you choose to do in life serves a greater purpose than anything you could ever imagine. Keep in mind why you chose to live here at this point, when it seems like life is moving faster than ever and things are getting increasingly difficult.